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Temperature Transmitters

We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Temperature Transmitters, 2 Wire Temperature Transmitters, 4 Wire Temperature Transmitters, Portable Temperature Indicators and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

P2 Wire / 4 Wire Temperature Transmitter - 401


2 Wire / 4 Wire Temperature Transmitter - 401


  • IP 55 or flame proof versions available.
  • Local indication 31/2 digit LCD available
  • High accurancy, very low temp, drift.
  • Built - in cold junction Compensation & three wire lead resistance compensation.
  • CMRS certified explosion proof housing for Gr. II A, II B, II C.
  • Upscale / down scale for open sensor.
  • ON line easy calibration by Zero & Span.
  • Three wire lead resistance compensation & built - in cold junction compensation
  • High accuracy typically 0.2% of F.S.
  • Drift free performance.
  • Rack mounted,field mounted,Head mounted, 2" pipe mounted, G rail versions available.
  • On - line calibration in case of flame proof version.

General Description

Analogik 2 Wire 4W temp, transmitters accepts Pt -100 input & thermocouples & gives 4 to 20mA output proportional and linear to input signal. Direct sensor connections are eliminated, due to which long run cable for pt -100 & T/C are avoided gives economical solution. The rack mounted, G - rail, field mounting as well as pipe mounting versions are available. The flame proof version with CMRS certification for II A, B, C & E are available. In the head mounted 2W temp transmitter the sensor is attached at the bottom.

Construction & Operation

The glass epoxy, green masked, high quality components soldered PCB provides the drift free & reliable performance Low level signal mV from T/C & resistance of RTD are converted into voltage & fed to V to I converter. This further converts the signal into 4 to 20mA DC signal proportional to input. The highly stable current source & accurate reference is used to give good results. Up Scale or Down scale facilities are provided for sensor break protection.


To avoid the signal loss & to avoid the expensive cables of the sensors the 2W - 4W transmitters is the best solution. This is used as an isolation between field operations & central room is large, the Analogik 2W - 4W transmitters is the best, economical solution.

Technical Specifications

  • Input : Pt-100,RTD,mV,T/C
  • Output : 4-20mA in series with Power Supply
  • Supply : 12 to 42 VDC
  • Range : -200 to + 600 for Pt-100 others as per requirement
    110 VAC, 10%50HZ
  • Accuracy : 0.25% of F. S. including linearity, repeatebility
  • Temp. Drift : 0.02 % °C at both end.
  • Output Load : 600V at 24 DC supply
  • Zero Span Adjustability :
    15%of F. S.
  • Cold Junction Compensation : Built - In
  • Three Wire Lead : Up to 100V for
  • Resistance Compensation : Pt-100,RTD,mV,T/C
  • Operating Temp. : 10 to 55 °C
  • Operating Humidity : 90 % Rh. N. C. max.
  • Measuring Current : Lessthan 1 mA
  • Open Sensor Condition : Up scale / Down scale
  • High & Low Currents Enclosure : 3.5mA min. 30mA max.
    Wall mounted type
    Rack mounting type
    Head mounted type

Dimensional & Electrical Connections