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Loop Powered Indicators

We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Loop Powered Indicators - Series - 400, RPM Indicators, Frequency Indicators and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Loop Powered Indicator


Loop Powered Indicator - Series - 400


  • Range - Field selectable.
  • Decimal point selectable.
  • No need of external power.
  • Flame proof, weather proof, general purpose versions available.
  • High accuracy & linearity
  • Bright 31/2 dight LCD indication.
  • Low loop voltage drop.
  • Range & Decimal point field selectable by DIP Switch.
  • No need of external power
  • High accurancy & linearrity and low voltage drop.
  • Flame proof, weather proof, Genaral purpose versions available.
  • High accuracy & linearity.
  • Low loop voltage drop.

General Description

The loop powered indicators are designed to display any process parameter like temp, flow,pressure, ph & others. These instruments accepts, 4 to 20 mA DC signal and generates the power from the signal it self. No external power or battery is required.The loop powered indicators are available in flame proof, weather proof, general purpose housing with wall mounting, panal mounting & 2" pipe mounting types. The CMRS certificates as per IS 2148 for flame proof versions are also available with the instrument. The state-of-the art of technology to display the parameter with high accuracy & linearity & low temp.Drift is employed. The range & decimal point are selectable on site with the help of DIP switch.

Construction & Operation

The glass epoxy, Green mask with high quality component board is mounted on brass studs. The instrument is mounted on a MS plate & this plate with 2" U clamps are fitted on 2" pipe. DIP switch & LCD are visible from outside to adjust & read the ranges. Zero, span trimpots are accessible from outside for ON - line calibration for flame proof versions. The 4 to 20 mA signal generates the power for 1C, & a series resistance generating a voltage drop are fed to display the process parameter. The rangeability is added parameter. The rangeability is added with zero, span calibration trimpots.


For local indication of process parameter in a huge plant Loop powered indicator is ideal since no power is required. These are used in steel, fertiliser, food, chemical, dairy, rubber & sugar industries.

Technical Specifications

  • Input : 4 to 20mA DC.
  • Range : Selectable by DIP switch.
  • Decimal Point :Selectable by DIP switch.
  • Display :3 1/2 digit LCD.
  • Accuracy : 0.2% of FULL SCALE
  • Loop Voltage Drop : 1 .5 v @ 20mA DC.
  • Temp. Drift : 0.02 % °C at both end
  • Calibration : Field On-line Calibration possible by 17 turn trimpot accessible externally.
  • Operating Temp : 10 to 50 °C
  • Operating Humidity :HUMIDITY 90% Rh N.C. at 40 °C max.
  • Terminals : Screw type suitable for 2.5 mm2 wire Aluminum casted, powder coated
  • Enclosure : Flameproot(IS2148) Certified IP 65 - or General purpose
  • Mounting : 2" Pipe Mounted or Wall Mounted Type or Panal Mounted
  • Weight : 2 Kg approx.

Dimensional & Electrical Connections