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PH Indicators / PH Transmitters

We are Manufacturer, Supplier of PH Indicators, PH Transmitters and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

PH Indicators and Transmitters



  • High quality, accuracy & drift free performance.
  • 0/4 to 20 mA O/P proportional to 0 to 14 PH.
  • IP-55 enclosure as well as DIN rail mounting enclosures.
  • Auto / manual temp, compensation.
  • Digital LCD local indication can be provided.
  • Field mountable PH transmitter can be provided
  • Field mountable PH transmitter enclosed in wheather proof cast Al housing.
  • Manual / Auto temp, compensation by pt-100 sensor.
  • Direct indication of PH/ mV and temp, by LED/LCD displays.
  • Slope control for correcting electrode slope
  • Asymetry control to eliminate ageing offect.
  • 0 / 4 to 20 mA output into 500 V incase of PH transmitter.

General Description

Analogik PH meter and transmitter incorporates the latest high technological advancements. It has very stability, reproducibility & contineous duly cycle. The instrument having very high input impedance advanced (MOS-FET butter OP-AMP) The instrument accepts all types of PH electrode. Auto / manual temp, compensation facility is available. The instrument indicates PH by 3 1/2 digit LED / LCD display.

Construction & Operation

The glass epory, green masked, PCB with high quality components soldered gives the drift free performance. The mV signal from PH electrode is directly given to high I / P impedance buffer amplifier and then this signal is processed. The auto/manual temp, compensation circuit is added at this stage & signal is given to DPM / V to I connector. Thus we get PH indication or 0 / 4 to 20 mA signal proportional to input pH.


pH meter and pH transmitter are commonly used in many industries & plants. Used in water treatment plants, Power Station, Sugar Mills, Steel Plant, Paper Industry, Chemical, Petro Chemical, Food, Fertiliser, Soft Drink Industries.

Technical Specifications

PH Indicator
PH Transmitter
O to 14H
1999 mV
O to 14PH
Display Output
3 1/2 digit LED or LCD
3 1/2 digit LCD-local indication optiona
0/4 to 20mA proportional to 0 to 14 PH.
0.25% of F. S.
0.25% of F. S.
Temperature Compensation Automatic with pt -100 manual by pot
O to 130°C.
0 to 130 °C. Automatic only.
Input Impedance Supply
9 VDC, 230 V AC, 50 Hz 1 PHASE
9 VDC, 230 V AC, 50 Hz 1 PHASE
Slope Adjustment
90 to 110% at 25 °C. 1
90 to 110% at 25 °C. 1
Asymetry Adjustment
1 PH.
1 PH.
Output Load
500 V Max.
Recorder Outpt
O to 2V

Dimensional & Electrical Connections